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Mr. Dharmendra B Mehta

Ms Giselle Mehta
Co Managing Director

About Mr. Dharmendra B Mehta- CMD
D BMehta commenced his working life as a Chartered Accountant, with additional qualifications in Cost Accounting and Bachelor of General Law. He enjoyed an eventful bureaucratic career in the Indian Revenue Service having qualified in the 1990 Batch of the Civil Service Exam.

Aftera decade long career as an IRS officer he embraced the opportunities of financial markets and the challenges of independent entrepreneurship by establishingALLEGRO.Over the last twelve years ALLEGRO has successfully delivered " Acropolis Apartments" in the elite neighborhood of Mangalore's Light House Hill and “Maximus Commercial Complex” has lived up to its promise of being the epitome of enterprise. As a co-promoter of City Centre Mall, one of the largest in Karnataka whose vast premises in a central location house every important international and national brand, ALLEGRO made its mark in the real estate business. Other prestigious residential projects followed in prime locations of Mangalore. ALLEGROhas successfully completed the eye-catchingly lofty " Aristaa Enclave" with a CRISIL 5 star rating.

D B Mehta is an active and astute presence in the financial markets as an investor in stocks and bonds. Allegro’s ownership of a wind power units in Karnataka has been motivated by a big picture of the environmental imperative for clean energy and to address the energy deficit of the nation in a sustainable manner.

His affection for his adopted city and state means he is active on advisory formations for infrastructure development. He has tendered advisory opinions to government bodies and departments on matters relating to fiscal policy and taxation, Building Bye Laws, TDR’s, disaster relief, epidemic control etc.

He was a laterally inducted President of the Kanara Builders Association. He looks forward to an impactful second innings as the second term elected President of CREDAI, Mangalore Chapter.He has been a Director on the Board of Mangalore Stock Exchange for 8 years, and till recently a two-term elected Director on the Board of the Inter Connected Stock Exchange of India, Mumbai. He is actively sought on speaking platforms for expertise on various financial and trade related subjects.

As a builder, the ethic is to do more and deliver value for money. The drive is to surpass expectations, and this is achieved with a philosophy of doing limited projects at a time so that an involved hands-on approach can take quality to its highest perfection. D B Mehta believes in mastering the nuances of all aspects of enterprise so that he can take an active lead in putting his vision to detailed action. He is presently promoting “Allegro Aureus”, exclusive boutique residences in the elite locality of Mangalore's Vas Lane, Falnir. Hisdealings are transparent and honest. For him delivering on the commitment and after sales service are the two mantras for being successful.

About Giselle Mehta - Director
Giselle Mehta entered the Indian Revenue Service in 1990. In the year 2000, she joined her spouse for a collective journey in entrepreneurship. Their focus on construction is a logical choice enjoying a certain continuity with the past. Giselle’s father, the late JM Lobo Prabhu had pioneered Mangalore’s very first Highrise apartment LoboPrabhu Court in the late 1970’s and this single landmark structure forever changed the landscape of a quiet roof tiled town into one of subsequent vertical growth with a visionary act.

She has been a Co-director and Partner with her husband in joint enterprises of the ALLEGRO group, and is also a proprietrix in her own capacity. Her wind power project in Nasik supplies power to the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company. She is one of the very few women entrepreneurs in the country to enjoy a certification with the UNFCC for the Clean Development Mechanism.

She enjoys a renowned creative persona as author of the popular novel " Blossom Showers." The versatile lady is also widely sought for her intellectual insights on various speaking platforms.

Their personal philosophy of entrepreneurship is that wealth creation must be an enabling concept- one that benefits others through enjoyment of a quality product, an employment and income generator, a driver of associated growth, a contributor to the country’s fiscal strength, and facilitator of relevant personal progress. Prudence and assurance of personal involvement defines their carefully calibrated style.