Aristaa Enclave - Completed Project - Ready To Occupy

Q) Where is Aristaa Enclave located?

A) Aristaa Enclave is located on Pandeshwar Main Road (erstwhile Amrith Cinema Property) 150 meters after Prestige Forum Mall. Pandeshwar Main road is a four lane concrete road in the heart of Mangalore.

Q) How far is Aristaa Enclave from Hampankatta Junction?

A) Straight Concrete Road.

Q) 3. How far is Mangalore Central Railway Station from Aristaa Enclave?

A) 1.5 Kms.

Q) What are the other land marks within one km from Aristaa Enclave?

A) Government Offices, Deputy Commissioner Office, Commissioner of Police, GPO Office, Telecom Office, Fire Station Office, R.T.O. Office, L.I.C. Office, Commercial Tax Office,
Banking: State Bank of India Main Branch, Corporation Bank National Head Quarters,
Worship Places: Pandeshwara Mosque, Rosario Church, Mangaladevi Temple, Mahalingeshwar Temple ,
Schools: St.Anns School & College, KendriyaVidyalaya, Kerala Samajam School,
Other Important Places: Upcoming Prestige Mall, Central Market, Hotel Gateway, Nehru Maidan, Town Hall, Wenlock Hospital, Central Bus Stop.

Q) Is Pandeshwar a developing area and how?

A) Pandeshwar is one of the well established areas of Mangalore and is witnessing new developments. The Pandeshwar main road is a four lane concrete road which is to be expanded to six lane in the future. The Mangalore City Corporation and District Authorities have proposed a four lane road from Pandeshwar to NH 17 via Mangaladevi, Morgans Gate to Jappinamogaru. The Railway level crossing at JeppuMahakalipadpuis proposed to be converted into a railway over bridge. The traffic coming from Kerala will be passing through the Pandeshwar main road making a very important arterial road. Prestige Forum Mall is just 150 meters from Aristaa Enclave. Union Bank is opening its branch in Aristaa Enclave. Many more residential/ commercial buildings are under construction in and around Pandeshwar area. This makes Pandeshwar a most happening area in Mangalore.

Q) What is the Composition of Aristaa Enclave?

A) Aristaa Enclave has retail/ commercial space of approximately 6800sq.ft on the ground floor and 84 residential apartments from the first to 14th floors. The commercial/ retail area is segregated from the residential area.

Q) How many apartments are there on each floor?

A) There are 6 apartments on each floor consisting of 4 apartments of 3 bed rooms and 2 apartments of 2 bed rooms.

Q) What are different types and sizes apartments?

A) There are following types of apartments:
i) 2 BHK – 1333 sqft
ii) 3 BHK - 1760 & 1706 sq ft.

Q) What are the sources of water for Aristaa Enclave?

A) City corporation tqo pipe lines of 1” each, One Open wells ( Open wells will be covered by a slab on the top), 
There is no water shortage in AristaaEncalve.

Q) What is the availability of power for Aristaa Enclave?

A) M/S. Mescom has provided the power connection of 600 KVA. There is a 750 KVA LT Transformer and there are 2 diesel generator sets with a total capacity of 375 KVA for back up power. The following is the availability for each apartment.
2 BHK –4KW
3 BHK -6 KW (3 Phase).

Q) Will there be a separate meter for each apartment?

A) There will be separate Meter for MESCOM power and a separate Meter for back up power. The payment for back up power will be made as per meter reading for each apartment and not on prorata basis.

Q) How many lifts are there in Aristaa Enclave?

A) There are 2 elevators with automatic door having capacity of 10 and 13 passengers respectively. The elevator with 13 passenger capacity is a stretcher lift and can also be used for taking luggage to the above floors.

Q) Is the building constructed as per the NBC for Fire Safety?

A) Aristaa Enclave has provided for all the Fire Safety equipments and Safety measures as prescribed by NBC and has obtained NOC from the Fire Department.

Q) Is Aristaa Enclave build as per BIS for the required seismic Zone?

A) Mangalore falls under the seismic zone III for earthquakes. Aristaa Enclave structural design is as per BIS for seismic zone III following IS code 1893 for structural design and IS code 13920 for Seismic detailing.

Q) Is Aristaa Enclave environmental friendly?

A) Aristaa Enclave has obtained an NOC from the Pollution Control Board and is providing the following
a) Solar water heating at the capacity of 100 ltrs per apartment to provide running hot water in the Master Bed room bath room for all the apartments.
b) Abundant green area around Aristaa Enclave.
c) Green Construction material used wherever possible.

Q) Is there sufficient car parking for Aristaa Enclave?

A) There are 104 car parks for 84 apartments, 11 separate car parks for commercial/retail, and 21 no of 2 wheeler parks.

Q) Is there separate parking for visitors inside AristaaEnclave?

A) There are 10 visitors’ car parks inside Aristaa Enclave.

Q) Are all amenities including the home theater only for apartment owner use?

A) All the amenities like Swimming pool, A/c Gym, A/c Home Theater, Children’s Play Area, Party Hall etc are ready and are meant for owners use only.

Q) Has Aristaa Enclave got Occupation Certificate.

A) Aristaa Enclave has got Occupation Certificated dated 24/7/14 from Mangalore City Corporation. 45 Flat owners have occupied and residing in Aristaa Enclave since September 2015.

Q) Is it possible to buy a flat online?

A) Yes. Just click on the Booking form, fill the required details & email it back to us. We will immediately get in touch with you and instruct you on how to do the booking. Booking Form

Q) How many flats are available?

A) There are only a select few 2 & 3 BHK apartment available in Aristaa Enclave.

Q) When do I get the confirmed allotment?

A) On payment of 20% and handover of all Post Dated cheques for installments. Agreements will follow within 7 days after confirmation of allotment.

Q) What is the maximum loan I can avail from bank for an apartment?

A) You can avail a loan up to 80% of the total cost.

Q) Can we get extra car parks?

A) A few extra car parks are available, we can provide you an extra car park at additional cost.

Q) How do we select car parks?

A) Car Parks have to be selected by the client on first come first serve basis from the available parks at the time of purchase.

Q) How are installments to be paid and is it time bound?

A) As Aristaa Enclave is a ready to occupy apartment you get only two installments over a period of 3 months. If cheques are dishonored the booking stands automatically cancelled.

Q) Will there be validity for the Price list?

A) The prices are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. Please check with the office for validity of prices.

Q) What happens if I cancel my booking

A) Why would you want to miss out on such an unprecedented product offering? However, if you do cancel after booking, then Rs.200/- per sq.ft will be forfeited as a cancellation fee along with the actual brokerage fee, if any and the balance will be returned within one month without interest.

Q) Is the title of the property clear?

A) The land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances. All the permissions and OC is in place. Deed of Declaration is also filed.

Q) What is the process of Registration and when does Registration take place?

A) Registration will be done only on completion of the payment of entire sale consideration including the additional amounts. Registration will be facilitated by us only through an advocated appointed by ALLEGRO

Q) Has the project been approved by HFI’s for loan?.

A) Yes, certainly the project is approved by all the leading HFI’s.

Q) What are the Maintenance charges?

A) The monthly maintenance charges are 1.50/- per sq.ft per month basis upto 15/8/15 and from second year onwards the maintenance charges will be decided by the Association formed by the Owners.

Q) What are the usage charges for recreational areas?

A) As an apartment owner you are entitled to use all the recreational facilities. However, you will be required to pay a user fee for the use of the Home theater.

Q) What are the taxes to be paid by me ?.

A) You have to pay annual House Tax to the City Coprporation after possession.

Q) What happens if I have any more questions/clarification?

A) Please email us at [email protected] or meet us at ALLEGRO BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS, UG II -5, Maximus Commercial Complex, Light House Hill Road, Hampankatta, Mangalore -575001.

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