Allegro Aureus - Ongoing Project

Q) Where is ALLEGRO AUREUS located?

A) ALLEGRO AUREUS is located on Vas Lane (Falnir) in the heart of Mangalore.

Q) How far is ALLEGRO AUREUS from Hampankatta Junction?

A) 1km

Q) How far is Mangalore Central Railway Station from ALLEGRO AUREUS?

A) 1.5 Kms.

Q) Is the project registered with RERA Karnataka?

A) A) The RERA registration No is PRM/KA/RERA/1257/334/PR/171021/000490. The Karnataka RERA address is

Q) Has the Corporation sanctioned the plans?

A) The City Corporation Sanction plan No.E:17:2017-18KNPA252:2017-18

Q) Banking

A) The project is legally approved by the following banks.
Canara Bank
State Bank of India
Axis Bank Ltd
Bank of Baroda

Q) Worship Places

Noor Mosque
Ehasan Masjid
Milagres Church
Sharavu Ganapathi Temple

Q) Schools

St.Mary’s School
Milagres School & Pre University College
St.Agnes School and College
St. Aloysius School College and Institutions
St. Theresa’s School

Q) Other Important Places

City Centre Mall
Fr.Mullers Hospital and Medical College
Kasturba Medical College Hospital - Attavar
University Medical Centre - Jyothi
Unity Hospital
Mangalore Nursing Home
High Land Hospital
Indira Hospital
Hotel Moti Mahal
Maya International
Hotel Goldfinch
Hotel Taj Gateway
Vasan Eye Care Centre
Subway etc.

Q) What is the Composition of ALLEGRO AUREUS?

A) ALLEGRO AUREUS comprises 37 residential apartments of 2, 3 & 4 BHK flats.

Q) Has ALLEGRO AUREUS received Occupation Certificate?

A) ALLEGRO AUREUS has received the Occupation Certificate vide No.E2/CC/CR14/2018-19 dated 02-08-2018

Q) What are the sources of water for ALLEGRO AUREUS?

A) City corporation pipe line. One Bore well.

Q) What is the availability of power for ALLEGRO AUREUS?

A) MESCOM power is available and back up power through a DieselGenerator set is also available.

Q) Will there be a separate meter for each apartment?

A) There will be separate meter for MESCOM power and for back up power. The payment for backup power will bel made as per meter reading for each apartment and not on prorata basis.

Q) How many lifts are there in ALLEGRO AUREUS?

A) There are 2 elevators with automatic door having capacity of 10 and 13 passengers respectively. The elevator with 13 passenger capacity will be a stretcher lift and can also be used for taking luggage to the above floors.

Q) Is the building constructed as per the NBC for Fire Safety?

A) ALLEGRO AUREUS has provided for all the Fire Safety equipments and Safety measures as prescribed by NBC and has obtained Final CC from the Fire Department.

Q) Is ALLEGRO AUREUS built as per BIS for the required seismic Zone?

A) Mangalore falls under the seismic zone III for earthquakes. ALLEGRO AUREUS structural design is as per BIS for seismic zone III.

Q) Is ALLEGRO AUREUS environmental friendly?

A) ALLEGRO AUREUS is providing the following-

  • Rain water harvesting.
  • Solar water heater to provide running hot water in all Bath rooms for all the apartments.
  • Abundant green area around ALLEGRO AUREUS.
  • LED lights for common area and garden lighting.(only specific light points)
  • Green Construction material used wherever possible.

Q) Is there sufficient car parking for ALLEGRO AUREUS?

A) There are 51 car parks for 37 apartments and 10 nos of 2 wheeler parks.(Car park cost extra).

Q) Is there separate parking for visitors inside ALLEGRO AUREUS?

A) There are 4 visitors’ car parks inside ALLEGRO AUREUS.

Q) Are all amenities only for apartment owner use?

A) All the amenities are meant for apartment owner’s enjoyment only. (Usage fee applicable)

Q) How do I make a booking?

A) You can contact either through email or in person by visiting our office. Once you choose your flat and finalise the rate you can book an apartment by giving an advance of Rs.5 lakhs.

Q) When do I get the confirmed allotment?

A) On payment of 10% and handover of all Post Dated cheques for all instalments. Agreements will follow within 7 days after confirmation of allotment.

Q) Is the title of the property clear?

A) The land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances with clear Title.

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